Tips for Starting a Scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook can be a lot of fun. Taking photos, putting them together, labeling them, and then looking back all those memories fondly after years have passed by is what this process is all about. However, the process can be made even more fun by following some suggestions.

1. Develop a Theme

To make a scrapbook that does not look like a random collection of photos, settle on a theme. The theme can either be related to the subject, the type of photos, or even the subject. For example, you can have a scrapbook showcasing the life of your daughter from the day she was born till her graduation. You can have a scrapbook of all the family vacations and picnics you take. It can be about general moments with all the pages of a certain color. A theme will add consistency to your scrapbook, making it more enjoyable to look at.

2. Design a Layout

Building on the theme, developing a layout for the different pages will also make your scrapbook look organized and well thought out. Think of where you want the photos to be, and how many should each page have. Think about how you want to label the photos. You can tell a whole story under just one photograph if you want or put multiple photos on one page and write a story on the page next to it.

3. Title or Mark Pages

If your scrapbook contains different kinds of photos – like photos of your children as well as family events – then it can help to title the pages or just differentiate between the different types of images with color coding. This can help a lot with navigation and when you want to find a specific photo.

4. Up your Photo Game

If you want to really take your scrapbooks to a new level, then try different kinds of photography techniques. We do understand that scrapbooking is not about having professional grade photos, but if you’re interested in photography then there’s no harm in taking great photos. Try things like HDR, color splash effects, vintage effects etc. These will add another layer to your photos and make your scrapbook much more pleasing to look at.

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Following these tips will ensure that your scrapbooks are well-organized and beautiful to look at. They will also help you keep a consistent look for all your pages as this is important for compiling something that will always look fresh and be easy to navigate no matter how big it gets. ba