An Easy Way to Digitally Backup your Scrapbooks

We all have some old photos lying around that we never want to get rid of. Maybe it is a photo album from your grandfather’s time or from your own childhood when all people had were SLR cameras. Maybe these photos are in the form of a scrapbook that your parents made when you were little. These kind of physical photo collections are still very important, but at the same time the modern world has made digitally backing up these memories so easy that it’s just a shame not to.

All You Need is your Phone

In order to make digital copies of scrapbooks, the only thing you need to have is a smartphone, which most of the population has these days. There are many applications that turn your phone into a portable scanner, allowing you to create high-quality digital files on the go. One of the best and most highly rated of these apps is CamScanner. It has a very simple interface and a very good processing engine. Just be sure to use it in good lighting to get the best quality.

If you want something that is made for scanning physical photos, then Google’s PhotoScan is your best bet. The app is developed by Google for the sole purpose of turning your old physical photos into glare-free and high quality digital files that you can back up to Google Photos right away.

So if you have ever wondered what you can do to make sure that your precious memories stay with you forever, just take out your mobile phone and simply back them up.

Reasons You Should Give Scrapbooking a Chance

As we speak about homemade scrapbooking here, we need to tell you one thing for sure, home craft, scrapbooking, or knitting and such stuffs have always been a staple of the Spanish culture and trust us, and you will be amazed to see how beautiful these homemade stuffs are. However, although scrapbooking is a long lost arts, or people opt for scrapbooking only when their children have homework on the same, it is worth the time.

Here are a few reasons why you should give scrapbooking a chance –

  • A real life home for your photos – When you capture those memoires, don’t you want a special home for your photos that would be safe and intact? And no! We aren’t talking about the phone or the laptop. We are talking about the scrapbooks. These scrapbooks make a great home for these beautiful memories!
  • Unleash your own style and your creativity – We know you might get quite held up with your day to day activity and when you get one Sunday, you want to relax and have some “me” time; but hey! This is important too. On the plus point, you can use your own style and unleash your creativity.
  • Do you know that memories lie – Well, not really, but let’s face it! Your mind has a different story about a particular memory and someone else will have something else for the same memory. But journal entry like a scrapbook would have all the detailed information about that particular memory. This is beautiful.
  • Enhances your photographing ability – If you are planning to scrapbooking, you will for sure need lots of photographs and you will definitely keep clicking pictures. The more pictures you click, the better of a photographer you become. That’s a good thing for you.
  • The peace of mind – When you finally complete your scrapbook, we bet you will not stop thanking yourself for such a lovely gift to the family. trust us, it is beautiful and the memories are going to last forever.